P&B Social offer bespoke consultancy packages based on your business’ exact needs.

Whether it’s day-to-day support to help maximise your output or /a total revamp of your social media strategy, P&B can ensure you’re making the most out of your social media channels and getting the best possible ROI.

Account management

P&B Social’s experience, particularly with UNILAD and LADbible’s success, shows that account management is a specialist subject.

With more than 20 social accounts currently under their wing, the P&B Social team deliver consistent astonishing growth results. 

Below is an example our a client’s growth after just two weeks of P&B Social account management.


If you’d like to fast track your company’s social growth, let’s chat!

Social Media Ad Services

Facebook and Instagram ads are still criminally underpriced, and companies who invest wisely in social ads are reaping the rewards. 

P&B offers full Ad Creation and Management services that will guarantee a positive ROI for your business. 

Whether your aim is to raise brand awareness, convert to sales or drive website traffic, let’s chat! 

Social Media Training

P&B Social offer full training packages for businesses who look to upskill their current social teams. 

Bespoke training packages are available for clients in the UK.

The P&B Social team will visit your business and share all of the tricks of the trade they’ve learned from years in the industry. 

Social Media Talks

P&B Social’s journey from spearheading UNILAD and LADbible to becoming the biggest social publishers in the world makes for fascinating listening. 

If you’d like to have your team/university/college learn about the social landscape and how to constantly evolve to get the best out of social media, get in touch!

Content Creation

Creating content for your business that works effectively on social media is crucial. 

Millions of pounds are wasted every year by brands on content that doesn’t convert on social media.

P&B Social’s production arm can create campaigns that will be well received on social media, and not only boost your business’s brand awareness, but also convert into sales. 

Content Amplification

Creating great content is only half of the job. Distributing that content to the masses is the other half. 

P&B Social can amplify your content using a combination of Facebook ads and using a network of huge accounts across Facebook and Instagram. 



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